housing program

Designed for shelter diversion, this program offers Housing Placement Assistance for qualified applicants.  This includes registration with Chicago-area agencies for very low to moderate income persons and for subsidized housing.

Limited and one-time financial assistance may be available for 1st month's rent or security deposit.  Homeless Prevention Assistance may also be available.

intake program

This process provides information, assessment, referral and/or outreach services to men and women ages 18 and over who are homeless, housing insecure, or who are in imminent danger of becoming homeless.  This program ensures that clients and families receive appropriate agency and community services for which they are eligible.

case management

Guests meet with case managers to help set and meet goals to self-sufficiency and break the bonds of homelessness. Year-round, our case managers provide counseling and referrals for additional assistance to those who are homeless or in imminent danger of becoming homeless. In one-on-one sessions, they empower clients to address myriad of needs.

Case management provides our guests with opportunities for assessment and individualized action plans to overcome obstacles to self-sufficiency. Having two full-time case managers insures that more guests receive opportunities to develop and follow a comprehensive program of services including linkages to vitally needed supportive services, such as medical care and wellness management, mental health support, addiction treatment and supportive and independent housing. Meeting these vital needs affords SWCP’s guests the means to break the bonds of homelessness.  The mission of our experienced case managers is to follow up immediate care with support, and by doing so, to help guests find the causes of and the means to overcome their homeless state.

summer services (june - august)

June through August, guests can come in three times a week during the day for breakfast, clothing, toiletries and showers.  On hot summer days, we are a drop-in cooling center.

winter services (October - April)

Winter drop-in serves are offered Sunday through Thursday evenings from October to April.  Up to 35 guests can enjoy dinner, showers, clothes and a safe place to stay away from harsh winter elements.

expungement program

A criminal background can be an impediment to employment and permanent housing. Case managers can assist in obtaining  criminal records and secure referrals to Cabrini Green Legal Aid and volunteer attorneys.for background sealing and expungement filings.

Medical Assistance

Volunteer doctors and nurses come to our site monthly to examine guests with medical problems and make treatment referrals.  We provide cost free prescription drugs as needed, based on funding.